“Thin Air” - Limina VR Weekender

12th December 2017

We are proud to announce that our 360 VR film "Thin Air" was short-listed and selected for screening this month in the 'Passion, Love and Loss' strand at the Limina VR Weekender - a Bristol-based VR festival curated by Pervasive Media Studio resident Catherine Allen, which aims to introduce a range of quality creative VR experiences to a broad audience, and demonstrate the medium's potential as an art form and means of creative expression.

We attended screenings of the majority of the films, and it was a great pleasure to attend the after-screening discussions about the specific VR experiences, and also broader discussions about the creative potential and direction of the medium.

"Thin Air was creative, engaging and immersed the public in ways they could never have imagined. It was such an important part of the festival programme and went down really well with our audience members in Bristol. Many attendees of the Passion, Love and Loss strand said they thought it used the medium most effectively and loved being able to observe multiple scenarios playing out in front of them. The setting was gorgeous and the editing was (literally) seamless.” Limina VR Weekender.

Thin Air is online at :-


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