Brighter Business / Huntsman Pigments & Additives

The brief

A film to promote the Huntsman Pigments and Additives brand to a global customer base, support their expansion through the merger with Rockwood, a colour pigments company, and to communicate the introduction of colour into the previously all-white product range.

The solution

As an analogy for the merger of the two businesses, a cast of musicians represent skilled individuals working together to build something powerful. The change from an all-white business to a colour producer is represented by the gradual introduction of colour.

Our work

Development of brief & key messaging
Creative solution & direction
Project management
Research & scripting
Location filming
Post production effects
Music composition (with Friendly Tribe)


EVCOM Gold Award: ‘Recruitment & Induction’

EVCOM Bronze Award: ‘Best Music’

Worldfest Houston International: Gold Remi Award: ‘Corporate Communication’