Punctuation / Packer Forbes

The brief

To produce a film as a central element of the new ‘HIV Is Going Beyond Undetectable’ campaign, which aims to raise awareness of the co-morbidities and health risks associated with being HIV positive, and to address the long-term issues in HIV management.

The solution

A fictional drama following the journey of a straight young man filled with anger, hurt and frustration when his life is dramatically affected by his father’s HIV+ status and associated co-morbidities. He had thought his father’s undetectable viral load meant he was out of danger, but unexpected additional and life-threatening related complications arise.

Our work

Development of brief & key messaging Creative solution & direction
Project management
Research & scripting
Location filming
Original music composition


Worldfest Houston Platinum Remis x 3: Cinematography, Best Corporate Communications, & Best Public Health Film.

US International Film & Video Festival: Best of Festival 2016 Nominee

Gold Camera Award: Best Medical Health Film